Saturday, September 24, 2005

My House from Google Earth

Not much to report since yesterday. I had a relaxing evening because I had nothing to do, and it was amazing. This past week had just been crazy.

When you send out one of these mass emails, you hear back from a lot of people you haven't heard from on a while, such was the case with my 8th grade earth science teacher, Rich Dickenson. For those of you who don't know Rich, he is the man who taught me to mountain bike, and if you didn't have Rich for 8th grade earth science, you are missing out. These don't seem like huge events at the time, but seeings how I was lured to colorado by a passion for mountain biking, and I'm studying geology here, I feel I should give much of the credit for my current lifestyle to Rich. Anyway, it turns out that he was working this summer at the North Haverhill Inn and Bicycle Shop. I hope all the bikers out in the Haverhill area stopped in to say hello to Rich and Tom (the owner). Rich also told me that he has expanded his biking talents to include road riding, so give him a wave if you see him riding down Rt. 1o on his way to enlighten our towns youth at HCMS.

As many of you know, I've moved since last year, and many people have asked, "where's your new house?" Well, with the help of Google Earth (if you haven't used the program, it's way cool, but the details are for another time) I have created an image of where my house is, and Lookout Mountain in the background (that's the mountain with road up it, and the large white "M" for Mines) Lookout is actually the mountain to the left of that one, but it's a bit of a formality. I've been doing a lot of road riding up Lookout Mountain in training for the Moab Century on Oct 8-9. This is a 100 mile ride to benefit the Lance Armstrong Foundation.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Oasis and Jet at Redrocks

As many of you know, the ski team fundraises by working security for broncos games, redrocks concerts and other events. I went to do my part and work the Oasis/Jet show this last tuesday night.

I was posted back stage, behind the band, stage right, for those of you who have been to redrocks. From this location I could see the bands from the back, and hear the music quite well. In addition, I was guarding Jet's dressing room. The result of my location was that members of both bands were walking by all evening.

Jet opened for Oasis, went on and put on a great show, complete with "cold hard bitch" and "are you gonna be my girl". When they came off stage, they were all excited and headed straight for their dressing room to change and grab the booze. A few moments later, out they came. They were clearly already a few beers into their partying for the night, and they emerged with a 12er of a british beer, to stand backstage and watch Oasis. 15 minutes or so later, someone was alerted to the fact that Jet was out of booze, and another 12er was escorted down from their dressing room....30 minutes later...another (this time red stripe) and a bottle of wine.

Needless to say, the entire band was hammered at this point. A few of them had a little trouble making it up the small flight of stairs to their dressing room, and a couple were laying on the floor, twitching to the music.

Here's where the best part of my evening comes together. The lead guitarist of Jet, came up to me and put his arm around me. He explained to me how drunk he was, and he asked in a very thick, slurred british accent that his nipples were sticky, and he didn't know how to get back to his tour bus to change his shirt. I pointed toward the door he needed to go threw to get to his bus. He stumbed in a series of steps, none of which were headed toward the door, but the combination of which somehow resulted in him arriving at his destination.

The concerted ended, and the bands departed, but I had had a run in with an international rock star.

Saturday Labs and lack of sleep

Greetings and welcome to my new blog:

The last couple weeks have been pretty crazy. School, especially structural geology have been quite challenging. Stuctural has had two labs on the last 2 saturdays, and I have had to be up and out by 6:15 on both of those mornings. Now, don't misunderstand, I don't really have a problem with getting up that early on a normal day, but a saturday is something else entirely.

Waking up sucks, but the lab has been fairly interesting. We've been mapping 6 mile fold (it's located just north of boulder, 6 miles north of boulder in fact) and we had great weather for it both days. The structure, for those of you who know and care, is a plunging anticline/syncline pair, and appart from a run in with an irrate rattle snake, the experiance has been as enjoyable as a saturday lab can be.

In other news: The ski team is running like a top, we have nearly all our paperwork and dues from our active members in. We are in the process of ordering team hoodies, and they look pretty sweet. This afternoon I'm headed out to dakota ridge with the team to do a bike ride, should be fun. I'll post pics of team events if I get any.

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