Friday, September 23, 2005

Saturday Labs and lack of sleep

Greetings and welcome to my new blog:

The last couple weeks have been pretty crazy. School, especially structural geology have been quite challenging. Stuctural has had two labs on the last 2 saturdays, and I have had to be up and out by 6:15 on both of those mornings. Now, don't misunderstand, I don't really have a problem with getting up that early on a normal day, but a saturday is something else entirely.

Waking up sucks, but the lab has been fairly interesting. We've been mapping 6 mile fold (it's located just north of boulder, 6 miles north of boulder in fact) and we had great weather for it both days. The structure, for those of you who know and care, is a plunging anticline/syncline pair, and appart from a run in with an irrate rattle snake, the experiance has been as enjoyable as a saturday lab can be.

In other news: The ski team is running like a top, we have nearly all our paperwork and dues from our active members in. We are in the process of ordering team hoodies, and they look pretty sweet. This afternoon I'm headed out to dakota ridge with the team to do a bike ride, should be fun. I'll post pics of team events if I get any.

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