Monday, October 03, 2005

Biking in Buena Vista

Escape from Golden and the School of Mines was needed. We'd all been in Golden since the school year began, and we were all getting irritable.

Time for a camping trip.

Cassi, the ski team secretary, and good friend of mine, cooked up a trip to head toward Buena Vista, near where she grew up, and go camping and do a bike ride that goes up the side of Mount Elbert (The tallest mountain in Colorado). The whole ski team was invited, but do to the flu going around, and a number of other factors, only 4 of us ended up going. Cassi (In blue in the group pic), her roommate Allison (who is not on the ski team, but was made an honorary member on this trip, and is in orange in the group pic), Brian Babcock (in dark grey), and I (in the green and yellow) headed out friday afternoon (just after my hair escapades -- see below) for a campsite out in the mountains near our proposed trailhead.

Clear skies meant the tents stayed packed up, and we slept under a sky of gorgeous stars. We awoke the next morning, broke camp, and headed for the trailhead, where we met up with Cassi's father, Frosty. Frosty was a sailor, and is now retired. He rides bikes in the area like it's his part time job, so we naturally invited him to ride with us, and be our guide for the trip. Guide he did. 15 miles of fantastic scenery, topping out at 10,800ft. Threw the yellow aspen trees and threw dark pines, all the time being watched by the snow capped peaks of the Rocky Mountains.

We returned to Golden on Saturday night feeling very refreshed.

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