Sunday, October 09, 2005

I'm 21...The drought is over

As of Oct 6, 2005, I am 21

The night of Oct 5th I rolled into my house around 11:45 from whatever escapades I'd been up to that evening, to find my roommates Charlie and Duncan standing at the door waiting for me. "Where have you been! We're going to the bar" they explained. Sure enough, that was true. A few moments later (in fact, about 12:05, now Oct 6th) the bouncer at the Buffalo Rose (a local cowboy bar on main street in golden) was checking my ID. He must have thought it odd, but on a Wednesday night, he was checking the IDs of Duncan, Charlie, Melissa, Johnny, Chase, Brennan, and "P" as well. As a group, we nearly tripled the population of the bar, but pay that no mind. Drinks were ordered, even Charlie, my Mormon roommate (who also has a bartending license, but does not drink himself) bought me a shot.

I woke up the next morning, not what you might call “refreshed”, but no worse for wear. I went to optical mineralogy lab at 8:00, and got out at 11:00. From there, Johnny, Melissa and I went down to the Coors brewery. Like all large breweries, Coors runs a tour of the facility, followed by a bar where you can indulge in 3 free drinks of Coors products. The local college community has discovered that if you walk in and inform the desk that you are there for the “short tour” they will send you directly to the bar, skipping all that silly stuff about how the beer is made, and getting directly to the point we all care about, which is drinking the stuff. We went in, had our drinks, and I was given a t-shirt that very appropriately says “I’m 21…the drought is over”.

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